Sri Sri GMDA Vision

Our mission is:

  • To associate with health professionals practicing different paths of medicine and different forms of meditation and to promote the common cause of creating a healthy divine society.
  • To conduct research and education on the medical effects and mechanisms of action of meditation on the human body.
  • To promote the art and science of Meditation and Medicine for the betterment of public health.
  • To provide a common platform for persons engaged or interested in the field of meditation and medicine to express their opinions and concerns.
  • Work towards disease prevention and wellness of people at large.

Our Objectives:

The association has adopted the following objectives :

  • Improvement of the health of people of all communities through the organization of charitable medical camps.
  • Promote worldwide awareness about the medical benefits of meditation to the general public as well as to the medical fraternity.
  • To conduct research and education on the medical effects of meditation.

We invite all of you to be a part of this association and look forward to your participation in the above mentioned objectives in order to make this endeavor a success.